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How does it work?

Fleet Business Network is owned and operated by Nick and Tracey Shrimpton, Fleet residents for over 10 years and living on Elvetham Heath. They are marketing experts and they work particularly helping local businesses connect with their local markets.  Nick and Tracey are also behind the marketing consultancy business Sixth Sense Marketing and Best of Fleet.

Our Mission - Bringing local business to local people

To bring businesses in the local area and surrounding areas, closer to the community of Fleet by providing a comprehensive directory of local recommended businesses. We are local and support the local businesses and through social media actively drive traffic to the site and individual businesses.

Why join the Fleet Business Network?

When you join the Fleet Business Network we will work with you and help drive traffic to your site. This can be through social media channels, a news article or linking your business to a recommendation request, voucher schemes and showcase of the week. Where we can, we will help you. We are also happy to add additional categories to the directory if you don't see one there which fits your business.

We offer a hands on service and we will actively drive traffic to your business category. We are a local team with a genuine passion for the Fleet Businesses. We actively network within the community to ensure the locals of Fleet can find their local recommended businesses.

Charities and Schools (excluding private schools) can list for FREE on the site.

Who can join the Fleet Business Network?

We welcome businesses from Fleet, Hampshire and the surrounding areas. All businesses who service Fleet and/or have clients in Fleet are welcome. The majority of our listed businesses are from Fleet, however, we also have businesses from Odiham, Yateley, Dogmersfield, Crondall, Camberley, Farnham, Farnborough, Hartley Wintney, Hook, Winchfield, Eversley, Sandhurst and Basingstoke. We also welcome online Businesses in our 'Online Marketplace'.

Using Social Media to promote the Fleet Business

Social media is an excellent media to promote your business and we actively use the many local social media channels to promote not only the site but the individual business categories and your business. We actively monitor local social media groups where members request recommendations for services and put links to the relevant category in response. This is on-going and means that we are looking out for new business for you every day!

Why is the Fleet Business Network different?

The website focuses on the local area, bringing local businesses to local customers, in order to help boost the local community and the business economy.

  • Customers are requested to write a positive recommendation on businesses they have used. Each recommendation will give the business a thumbs up rating. The greater the number of thumbs up the higher up the list of businesses each business will be, within their own business category. Recommendations can be linked back to Facebook, allowing customers to identify with the recommenders.

How does the Recommendation System work?

The Recommendation system has a number of variables.

Businesses who have recommendations will appear above those with no recommendations:

  • Each recommendation a business receives will give the business one thumbs up. Businesses can have up to 5 thumbs up. The greater the number of thumbs up the higher up the listings that business will appear within their category.
  • Platinum advertisers with one thumbs up will appear higher in the listing than a Basic advertiser with one thumbs up. Businesses with thumbs up will always appear above businesses without thumbs up.
  • Businesses who have no recommendations will be listed chronologically. Platinum advertisers, with the same number of recommendations will appear higher in the listing within their category than Basic advertisers.

All recommendations will be authorised manually by the administrators of Fleet Business Network and where the person making the recommendation gives permission, a link back to the recommender's personal Facebook page will be available.

What additional extras does the site offer?

  • Vouchers - Platinum members listed on the site can have a Voucher/Offer on their listing through the Voucher Scheme. The Vouchers are easily found by going directly to the Vouchers page on the site.
  • News - Platinum members can submit articles to the site news section and these articles will be shared across our extensive Social Media network. This will keep locals up to date with listed businesses offers and news – please read the terms and conditions regarding the News.
  • Website – If you don’t have a website for your business it is very hard for people to find you on the internet. The Fleet Business Network listing page acts as a mini website for your business giving you an internet presence.

Why create the Fleet Business Network?

Through the many large social media groups in Fleet, the community are regularly asking each other for local business recommendations. The Fleet Business Network has been designed to provide a comprehensive directory of local businesses categorised by service and rated by recommendations from local people, which can be used in response to these recommendation requests. It also enables smaller companies whose web presence is small to have a bigger online foot print which is essential for reaching out to customers. The Fleet Business Network is accessible on mobile platforms easily enabling locals to find their local recommended businesses on the move.

Platinum Package

£6.95 a month or £69.50 a year

  • Business Name
  • Type of Business
  • Business Address
  • Business Telephone Number
  • Business Email Address
  • Business Web Address
  • Business Summary Description (255 characters)
  • Recommendation link
  • Full Description (1000 words)
  • Social Media Links (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+)
  • 3 Images (copyright ownership of image is the business responsibility)
  • Integrated Location Map
  • Higher listing if recommendation the same as 'Basic' Advertiser
  • Add vouchers and offers
  • Submit articles to Blog

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