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A bit about Community Physio

Community Physio is based in Fleet, North Hampshire and is run by experienced Chartered Physiotherapist Lucy Engin. Lucy provides a caring and friendly physiotherapy assessment in the comfort of your own home.

Community Physio will travel to your home, residential or nursing home within the Hart district at no extra cost and can treat adults of all ages. Lucy will provide you with your own personalised treatment plan and can offer acupuncture for pain relief as part of your treatment programme.

If you have had an illness, operation, injury or fall, physiotherapy can help regain your strength, restore your movement and increase your confidence. Lucy will provide you with the time it takes to assess you in your own home environment to ensure your individual needs and concerns are addressed. 

To discuss your assessment and treatment or for more information please contact Lucy, 07806 822365 or email: lucy@communityphysio.co.uk


Your Recommendations

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  • Colin Cox

    23 September 2017,

    I engaged Lucy to rehabilitate my elderly mother who had seemingly 'lost' the ability to walk after a prolonged period of ill health. After an initial consultation and four home visits, the change in my mother is nothing short of astonishing. I might have said 'miraculous' but that might be taking things a step too far (no pun intended). It has got quickly to the point where Lucy has achieved her initial aim and I can now leave my mother to be looked after in her care home with an acceptable amount of mobility under supervision. At all stages I was kept informed as to my mother's progress and Lucy had obviously generated a very 'easy' rapport with her; quite an achievement considering elderly people, and my mother in particular, can be quite 'difficult' at times. In summation I would just say that I I'm very glad that I found Lucy - a result, as they say!

  • Iain Soars

    13 February 2017,

    Community Physio were extremely helpful and efficient when I made an appointment for an issue with my knee. They came to my house, did a very thorough investigation of the problem and gave me some tips and exercises which improved the issue within a few days. I would happily recommend them to anyone who needs physiotherapy.

  • Mrs Howard

    14 November 2016,

    From the outset I felt Lucy really listened to my concerns. Rather than just focusing on my symptoms, Lucy adopted a holistic approach in her thorough assessment and diagnosed a trapped nerve caused by poor posture. This made sense as I knew that I had slipped into bad habits, whilst pushing buggies and carrying and lifting my children. I was really pleased to finally have a reason and relieved that some simple changes could potentially be all that was needed. After just three sessions and continuing exercises set by Lucy, I now have extended periods of no tingling whatsoever and my lower back feels much more stable. On the occasions that the tingling does return, I can always attribute it to a busy day, where I have not been mindful of my posture. I refer back to the stretches and exercises that Lucy set for me and very quickly the tingling abates. Lucy's professionalism, experience and expertise together with her warm personality make a fantastic combination. I would have no hesitation in recommending her. By bringing awareness to and correcting my posture, I am certain that Lucy has prevented me from aggravating the nerve further, minimised the likelihood of my disc problem returning and also stopped me from developing further postural problems in the future. The fact that Lucy is able to consult from the comfort of your own home is also a huge advantage.

  • Mrs Barwick

    31 October 2016, View Facebook Profile

    I had severe neck pain due to incorrect working position and had tried several 'sport massage' type of treatments with short term benefits. Pain returned shortly after every time. A close friend recommended Lucy . She assessed me fully, made me feel taken care of and surprisingly did not offer me what I asked for but proposed acupuncture. I was happy to try this and thankfully I did as my neck pain is much better and improves with every treatment. Lucy is very personable and genuine professional who I would warmly recommend.

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