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A bit about Shape and Sculpt

Non Surgical Inch Loss - pain free, needle free, surgery free. No wraps, no diets, no exercise either!

Shape and Sculpt offers body contouring to improve those annoying areas of your body such as love handles, bingo wings, saddlebags, muffin tops and mummy tummy! A totally non surgical treatment which will redefine your shape, give you inch loss and rid you of cellulite. Using up to minute technology, there has been a lot of press lately about Coleen Rooney & Kate Middleton shedding those post baby bulges.

Shape & Sculpt has invested in one of the top machines on the market - 3D-Lipo to offer a combination of treatments. Cavitation - for fat reduction especially good on soft flabby areas CryoLipolysis - freezing of harder fats to destroy the fat cells Radio Frequency - to tighten loose skin and generate collagen 3D Dermology - vacuum rolling to breakdown cellulite fat deposit and improve skin texture Full details can be found on our Web site and also on the 3D-Lipo website.

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