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Submit an article to the Fleet Business Network and we will circulate the article through our social media network! Platinum members can submit two articles a month as part of their Fleet Business Network membership. Get your business updates in front of over 10,000 locals through the power of social media and the drive of Fleet Business Network. 

What can I submit as an Article? 

Articles provide you with an opportunity to share interesting news, facts about your business type and much more. Articles are not intended to be a simple sales pitch however, they can be used to launch a new offer or promotion or training course.  

How do I submit an Article?

Please email your article to admin@fleetbusinessnetwork.co.uk. We can not accept articles submitted in PDF or  format. We need to be able to add the article text therefore request they are submitted at editable documents. 

Length of Article

We recommend that your article is no longer than 4,000 words and we do put a limit of 10,000 words on any article.

Can I Add an Image to my Article?

Yes, you can add one image for the Thumbnail image and one for the article image. Email the images to us and we will resize them on your behalf. Many articles have one image for both the thumbnail and article, we do recommend this. 


For any questions regarding News Articles please get in touch with Nick


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